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(Zo' Ce'nter) - "In the spirit of emptiness and the middle way..."


Fitness, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Strength Training & MMA
(Fullerton/ Orange County Personal Training Center)

"Located in North OC, Off the 5 & 91 Fwy.
LA & Orange County's Only Open Peer to Peer Gym..."

Gimmick Weight Loss Program at the ZoCenter in Fullerton CA Orange County | Personal Trainer in Fullerton CAHome of the NO Gimmick Weight Loss Program...  Lose weight forever and naturally.  Guaranteed proven methods!

No quick fixes here, but sound guidance involving nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.  Work with our trainers to find a personal program that will work for you.

We know that everyone is different, with different needs, lifestyles, and lifelong bad habits.  No drugs, surgery or voodoo diets.

We use proven nutritional science along with a healthy exercise program to kick-start your metabolism to give you more energy, vibrancy, and mental clarity.

It's an uphill battle, but we'll be there with you every step of the way.  We know you can do it, and so should you!

Call us at 714-253-4793

Get started Today!  Free Consultation Available, Just Mention the ZoCenter No Gimmick Weight Loss Program.



provides the facility, equipment and venue for your exercise & fitness lifestyle.  We offer traditional strength training equipment along with traditional & modern martial arts trainingtools.

Whether your vehicle for fitness is classic strength training, core training, plyometrics, traditional martial arts, modern mma, grappling, muay thai kickboxing, boxing, yoga or jui jitsu, Zo Center has something to offer.

"Self-Defense training adds a 4th dimension to
your exercise routine... adding purpose and life use..."

ZoCenter is unlike any other dojo or martial arts facility.  Zo Center is all about you taking personal responsibility for your health and fitness.  Our vehicle of choice is martial arts coupled with modern fitness routines.  Why martial arts?  Because it adds another dimension to your exercise.  It has purpose and meaning.  It directs the harmonious function of mind, body and spirit.

"For men, women and children..
Get fit, stay fit, learn self-defense..."

ZoCenter is open 24/7 to members.  You exercise at your time.  No schedules.  No downtime.
Your life is busy.  Technology has created the opposite effect by making our lives more hectic than ever.  Some of us work at night, in the evening, late, or early.  Work, school, kids, family, friends.  When do you have time to exercise and refuel?  You create your schedule.

You find the discipline to enter the ZoCenter.  Anytime.  Everytime.


"...Zo Center provides the facility & the tools,
You bring the


ZoCenter Strength Training | Personal Trainer in Fullerton CA"Healthy exercise should be
an integral part of your life..."

Open Form - Open Mind
Open Gym - Open Learning

:: Open style fitness gym.  Non-classical fitness and martial arts dojo/dojang.
:: Peer to peer training.  Where student to student, teaching and learning is encouraged & expected.
Personal Trainer in Fullerton CA:: Professional adult centered training facility.  Special women & children's classes also available.
:: Where learning and training has no end.  It's always a process and a state of mind.
:: Where physical fitness is coupled with education and learning.
:: Synergy of education, martial arts, self-defense, fitness training, and nutrition.
:: Private classes and one on one training available (pending).
:: Open style learning including: kickboxing, jiujitsu, muay thai, judo, wrestling, boxing.
:: Full size boxing ring for professional boxing, kickboxing, jui-jitsu and mat training.
:: Zo Center is for anyone interested in staying fit and learning mixed martial arts of all styles and backgrounds.
....For the beginner and advanced.  Men, women and children.  Dues are approximately $60/ month and this includes
....personal access to the facility.  Any classes, private lessons, group lessons of any kind is extra, and determined
....by the instructor you sign up with.
:: If you're a qualified trainer and would like to work with the Zo Center, you're welcomed to inquire.


"Getting fit should not be boring...
....Let us challenge and inspire you..."

Zo Center Facility Includes:

. Weight Training (Free weights & Kettle Bells)
. Mat / Ground Training
. Punching bags.
. Professional Boxing Ring
. Double End Bags
. Speed Bags
. Makiwara Bag Training
. Open mat training
. Free sparring
. Wing Chun Dummy
. Media Center w/ Library of DVD Instructionals

Most martial arts schools are centered around a "style" or a "teacher".  eg. You attend XYZ Dojo because Master John Doe teaches there, or you may attend ABC Karate, because they teach a particular discipline you're interested in.  The Zo Center is not about a particular style or instructor.  It's about the philosophy, the format, the infrastructure.  The peer students make the school.  We provide the facility for you to develop yourself.  You have to bring your own motivation and enthusiasm.

If you're looking for a private 'members only' martial arts dojo that offers a positive personal vibe, boxing ring, classical and modern punching bags, weight lifting equipment, cardio gear, matted floors, and 24/7 access to members only, then you should consider the Zo Center.



" ...Be your true self.
Become anew
at the Zo Center... "


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To tour the gym or if you have other questions, please call:  Call us at 714-253-4793

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Zo Center

Striving to develop the attributes of: Peace, Calm, Love, Faith, Hope, Joy, Courage, Strength, Power, Patience, Forgiveness, Compassion.


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