Take Control of Your 2012…Women’s Total Fight Fitness at ZO Center!


7:30am, 1pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm Daily!Space is limited…Call today for your free training session!

About Rashawn

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All Fullerton and OC Ladies, tired of stubborn belly fat? Weight loss plateaus and boring routines? Well come be our guest and learn the science of fat loss. Train like the stars and look just as good! Fit into that wedding dress, jean, bikini, and more! Have fun in our safe and family freindly space! We are here to help you achieve the goals that have been hard for you! We  can’t wait to meet you! Train hard, kick butt and have fun! Our personal trainers are standing by.

This woman’s group rocks! Call Rashawn today at 714-254-4793!Class times are:

Tues/Thurs – 7am

Mon – Friday – 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm

Saturday & Sunday – 10am and 11am

We give you nutrition support and weight loss/body mass tracking at no extra cost.

Cost is just $150 a month. If you commit yourself to achieving great results, making life long friendships, and changing your life, you get 90 days for just $400!

That’s a savings of $50 (Cost per class is less than $6.00 each)!

If you do our “90 Days to a New Me” program, you will get a free Zo Center T-shirt and $10 off your 1st gear purchase!

Space is limited to 10 participants so call today and RSVP to train this Sunday at 10am as our guest! No risk or obligation. Just good clean exhausting fun!

All the best and we look forward to meeting you!

I am purchasing today:

1 month of Women’s Total Fight Fitness for $150

12 weeks of Women’s Total Fight Fitness for $400 at a $50 Savings

*** Billing will be through Aiya and/or Motorhelmets *** – Please check your credit card Statement.

(Class times are Tues/Thurs – 7am, Mon – Friday – 5pm and 8pm, Sunday – 10am)

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